Control Keys Position

Hello again. I will ask you one more question. As you can see in the pictures, my control keys are on the right side. How to distinguish them ? As the other picture shows.

Witch other pictures ???

The functionalities are indicated on the buttons.

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I can not upload it. New users can upload images only once. There is such an error message.

do you mean that they disappear after a time? If you go into settings you can change the time out to 2seconds, 5seconds 10 seconds or never. You can then change it to how long that suits you the best!

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These layouts are different based on device, such as tablet vs phone. This is best suited for #live not #support. :)


No. I want to separate these control keys. As in picture 2. Some are to the left and some to the right.

Do you mean that all of them are on the right side, when on the other picture they are on both?

That simply has to do with tablet vs. phones. :) The sizes are different

Edit: Tyler beat me to it…

With the ‘split’ controls that, I think is only available if you are using a phone rather than a tablet. There is no way to change those settings.

sorry. An instant impatience. I thought I chose the support department. It will never happen again


Thanks all! Answer given. The layout differs based on tablet or phone. Cheers!