Control Issues

So my IF hasn’t been working right on one of my two iPads.

I move my iPad to counter the resistance of the plane that is going crazy, but yet nothing happens.
Every time I pull up on takeoff roll, nothing happens until about 5 seconds later when the plane pitches up, stalls, then, crashes. Or just takes off without input, and than nosedives into the ground.

But yet the trim doesn’t even move!

And to add to the problems, the audio doesn’t work.

Just wrapping up to say, infinite flight is the best mobile game ever.

Ipad mini:
Operating system:?

But on landing, it just will pitch up and stall. Or just nosedive into the ground.
There was no wind.

Did you calibrate before takeoff/landing? The inputs will be detected based on the position of your calibration. when you spawn in and click “fly” it auto-calibrates. if your ipad was laying down (and claibrated for this postion), and you pick it up it will go fully upwards.

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Yes I hit calibrate many times.

Does your IPad meet the minimum requirements for the game? If it does, maybe turn the settings and quality down. It might help.

I’ll reset and lower the frame rate.
I had to raise it to 60fps bc I had to take a shot for a screenshot competition.

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In the logbook menu, you can replay a flight and take (I belive it is) 4K screenshots.

It worked thank you! Controls a bit sensitive but it’s ok!

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