Control Issues

What causes control inputs to not work? Recently I flew with my SQ and during the landing, I can’t rotate or roll the aircraft even though I have rotated and turn my phone. In return, I had to use A/P to land which was more challanging as my APPR is disabled due to weight issues. Is there any explanation that can tell why I can’t control my aircraft?

Device: Samsung
Operating system: Android

  1. go to “settings”, then “controls”, then the section next to “AP” then, press “reset defaults”
  2. if all else fails, restart your device.

Alr, thx for the guide

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Hi, do you get a repeat of the problem when you test it again? Or are you ok now?

(edit: sorry, when I currently retest that described below, it now appears to be resolved. So my information, the best I can tell, is now obsolete, and therefore likely not useful. )

There were past cases of picking up a Samsung Android phone in an orientation causing the screen to flip, which when tested repeatedly, reliably resulted in disabled roll inputs while still allowing pitch input (I think that’s how it worked if I remember correctly). It was quite confusing until the cause was verified.

Apparently it appears everytime I had to deactivate the game midflight. After I resume the problem appears. I tried to reset controls but no effect… is there any ways that could prevent such thing?

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Please be more specific:

  • which device?
  • which Android version?

Please also provide more information:

  • what exactly happens?
  • did something change that made this happen?
  • did it occur after an OS update?
  • anything else that might be relevant

What does that mean?
So every time when you start a flight everything is normal?

What do you mean by “deactivate the game”?
You quit the app?

What do you mean by “After I resume”?
If you “deactivate the game” what is there to resume?

Could the app have been (partly) killed in the background?

Please provide more information in order to get help.

its in samsung 23, android 13. As said before, the control issue is that the the aircraft doesn’t respond to any control inputs. Deactivate the game in this situation means I just turn off the device without exiting from the app. Then, once I returned to my device, open the app and continue flying, the control issue appears.

I also suffer from this, sounds like a 23.3 problem


You lock the S23 mid-flight?
For how long?
The app isn’t meant to keep running when the device has been locked.
It’s not supported by both the app and the OS.
After a short while you’ll be kicked from the live server anyway.

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You also lock the device mid-flight and expect the app to keep running?

This is the problem in itself. You should leave your phone at all times while youre flying in Infinite Flight. Sure, you can accidentally turn off your phone for less than a minute and it wont be an issue. It will disconnect you for a few seconds. Otherwise, if its longer than for a minute, sorry but its gonna disconnect you

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So… so this problem can’t be fixed? But actually sorry to trouble you again. There was another case in the same device where before the flight even started, the control issues even appear. Indicated by the trim, elevators and ailerions not functioning.

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That is certainly very useful info.

It just seemed very probable your previous occurrences of the issue being associated with “deactivation” were just coincidental (btw I tested on my phone, serval conditions of how robust IF was for re-engaging after shutting my screen off for an extended period - flipping my phone when re-engaging, putting IF in the background etc. It always came back fully alive and usable; shutting phone down of course shuts down the app).

So likely something else is going on.

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Infinite Flight is not meant to keep working when a device gets locked.
This is not a problem or an issue. It’s just not supported by the app or the OS.

After about a minute of inactivity the live server will disconnect.

Sometimes control issues occur.
Usually a device restart will solve those.