Control Issues regarding recent 23.3 update

Device: Apple iPad 5th generation
Operating system: iPadOS verson 16.3

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but ever since the new update, I’ve had issues issues with planes having a mind of its own for about 15-20 seconds before returning back to normal. Hope the devs can fix this bug asap!

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Can you provide a little more information please?

Are you talking about losing control?
What’s the circumstances?

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I would loose total control of the airplane. Sometimes, it would veer left and right unexpectedly

Which aircraft specifically?

Pretty much any aircraft that I would fly. I did a few test rounds with the Cessna Caravan, 737-900 and the 787-9. All seem to have the same control issues.

Do you calibrate before taking of or anything like that?

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Yes, I tried callibration multiple times, still didn’t fix the issue

I’ll try restarting the app. Mabye that might work

Maybe instead of going 100% throttle maybe go 90%

Weird question but do you have enough airspeed for the weight of the aircraft at that time?

It usually veers left and right when you are able to stall

I’m totally aware of weight and balance. I don’t think thats an issue.

Just did a little test run out of ORD on the 738 after restarting IF. Seems to work fine now. Hope this issue doesn’t reappear again…

This could be probably because of:

  1. Calibration issue.
  2. Winds

If it is because of winds, you need to use rudder while lifting up the nose to maintain that centerline. Strong winds can steer the plane left or right depending on the direction and force of winds.
Hope it helps

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Most likley a callibration issue on my end. Thanks for the help

Hey everyone, I’m also facing issues with controlling the aircraft, everything seems going well but once I turn off AP for manual landing, I can’t control the aircraft, pitching up drastically and going into stall. Checked me trim = 0%.

Can anyone help?

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Did you move the device’s position/attitude without re-calibrating perhaps?

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Iv noticed this problem too it has to do with new UI. It probably just reset your control sensitivity settings, you just have to re-configure everything and you’ll be fine.

Same thing happened to me. Its a pain.

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I have noticed the same issue. It seems that you need to calibrate multiple times during a flight, espcially after going to the menu.

Also, today, i had a strange issue on 747-400. See this post:

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I don’t usually like to coach but I concur to this completely I can’t control my aircraft at all my ailerons aren’t working and my plane won’t lift off from the ground it appear to be delayed severely and I can’t fly which deeply saddens me as it is is the weekend and I love to fly I pitch up and nothing happens for about 20 seconds and then the plane suddenly jerks up violently and I can’t fly at all is this going to be patched in the hot fix
PS. iPad 7th generation
IOS 17.0.3

Welcome to the community! Have you restarted your device? Make sure to fully close out the app before doing so.