Control issue

So right now I am crusing to YSCB on the TS1 server at Fl 240. However if you look at my flight plan I had to abort takeoff after V1 due to a control issue. When I started I calibrated and the Yoke was a little further back then normal. I re-calibrate and make the flight plan but when checking the controls it happens again. The horizontal stabiliser was not where it should be. I thought I fixed it and took off but had to abort takeoff. I then realised I could use Trim. However I don’t like the feel of Trim. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this without restarting because I am only 60 Nm away from YSB.


No. You have to use trim.

But the problem is this has never happened before. I have never needed a Trim setting for takeoff and never more then -20 on landing. I wonder why this has randomly happened. I have flown for 40 hours total online and this is the first time.

… okay

This is how it works: Sometimes, a zero gets in a ones place in the binary code and things mess up a bit. That’s what happened to you, most likely. A one time occurance is nothing you create a topic about. No one will never will able to tell you why this happened, as it’s a one time occurance.


Gonna trust that is the reason.

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If it happens several times, then we have an issue. :)

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