Control Interface timeout (While interacted with)

I have found that at some points, while using autopilot mostly, when changing a set altitude, vertical speed, speed, or heading, the interface will timeout, even with me still holding down to change the set information. I have seen this more recently, dating back to my second most recent flight following Matt (Like anyone else would do) and almost caused a stall. Hoping you guys could take a look into this. It is more recent then it is frequenct just to add in

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What is your interface timeout interval set to?
Tap the settings button and it’s in the top of the General tab.

I have it set to 2 seconds, but if I’m interacting with the controls, the UI timeout should be reset and paused like it does. I do get times where the timer doesn’t reset and pause. As far as i know, the timeout should not affect me when I’m interacting at the same time