Control Each Engine Individually

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I have searched and this does not seem to be a duplicate, so here I go.

This feature request it to add “Throttles” for each engine. In Infinite flight, you have one throttle. I understand that you can turn the engines on and off, but it would be nice to have different thrust powers per engine. It would also be really nice if we could have reverse thrust on some engines and not others.

I understand this would probably be hard to implement but it would really make the game much more realistic.

Like this but like the simulated throttle in Infinite flight.

Thank You!

So something below like this? It’s a little outdated but it’s the mods choices.



Oh well…

Sorry everyone

I guess the mods have to choose

How would you control both throttles without being the 6 Fingered Man from the Princess Bride?


We do not have the AN225 so the maximum would be 4, and you do have 4 fingers.

Maybe be able to set the speed on AP could help :)

Nice feature, but I don’t think its good with a Mobile simulator because it’s easier with one throttle. But for a PC sim I would like that feature.

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I guess the mighty mods will decide of the doom of this topic…

@Robertine My comment from a few years ago which I still stand by today. Will let you decide the doom of this topic. 😁


pressure intensifies


I will let the people decide :)

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I’ll give you 1hr because I’m going to bed in 1hr. 😂

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Ok then…

I guess it can be closed :)

I think you are right on the old thread comment

Thanks for the option though.

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Making decision like this can be tough. Always interesting to allow you guys to make a decision about something. Like you said, the pressure intensifies. 😁