How can i be part of the development, cause i really want to contribute to your efforts and be added to the organization

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It depends what type of development. If you want to help build and edit airports, you can join the IFAET.

Check out this thread about Airport Editing:

cause am currently sweating to builf my resume as a developer

whenever i train to join it pops a warning that i can not send a message to the user

That’s because you need to be TL1 (Basic user) to send PM’s.

Just keep liking, posting, and being active and you’ll get to TL1 really quickly!

Take a look at this thread as a start:


If you are looking to join the official Infinite flight staff/Dev, I don’t believe that is possible. As pointed out by @AlphaSeven you can work for the IF Airport Editing!

If you want to be staff for Infinite Flight, then you need to do something that is widely recognizable by the community in a helpful way, such as JasonRoswell’s podcast and more. Otherwise, you can follow the links of other people that posted here.

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@Ecoops123 atleast that.

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Welcome to the community!
@AlphaSeven, @Ecoops123, and @Humars have pretty summarized it all up. Hope you join the IF crew or airport update team. 😉


Hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here,

Here is their LinkedIn account, it has some basic information about them.

Infinite Flight LinkedIn

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You have to do something that makes them want you on the team

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I’ve already said that :/.

I mean isn’t that the point if you want to join a company or what not lol 😆

Welcome to the community and good luck with that! Hope it works out in your favour!

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Hey, welcome.

If you want to join the official Infinite Flight development team, you need to make them want to hire you. There is no application process, but if they see you have contributed positively to Infinite Flight’s development, it may boost your chances of getting asked to join the team. Depending on what language you are coding in, I suggest making third-party apps for Infinite Flight or some sort of website. This is entirely up to you.

I wish you luck in your development career :)

Please stop repeating what others have said.

All that can be said on the topic has been said.You can join the airport editing team or even practice to become IFATC. Both are a great way to give back to the community.