Contributing and learning from replays on the forum

Maybe we could open an area in the forums for people to actively contribute their replays from which they have learnt from their mistakes? It’ll make it much easier for people to learn from others’ mistakes. I understand that this may sound redundant as there are many great tutorials on YouTube and there’s also the ATC Manual, but these replays directly address mistakes that more experienced pilots have made before and will actively enhance the learning process for those who are interested in a more engaging manner. Additionally, these may address more specific scenarios that may be more difficult to explain in words. I’m sure many will be able to contribute as we often see the “please check tutorials on the forum” message appear somewhere when we are flying in busy airspace in ES. Replays are an amazing feature in IF which are currently mainly used for ghosting appeals and screenshots, I believe that we can harness the full potential of this feature to enable fellow members to learn better.

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Replays are an amazing feature, and are used for good cause. Making tutorials yourself using your replays to the community can also be great idea!

@Ecoops123 agreed, just that i think that if there was a dedicated place for everyone to input their replays more people will be inclined to do so than if they need to create a new topic every time they want to contribute

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