Contrasty clouds :D

Lufthansa Queen of the skies arriving into Changi for the very first time!

Royal new Zealand Air Force!

KLM 777-300er from Amsterdam!

Malaysia airlines Boeing 737-8SA

Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-8!

Which one is ur favourite?

  • Lufthansa 747-8
  • Malaysia airlines 737
  • Singapore Airlines 737 max 8
  • KLM 777-300er
  • Royal new Zealand Air Force 757

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That “Max 8” Is a -800, but beautiful pictures!!!


Opps my mistake lol

nice shots! just a tip, if you’re going to manually adjust the exposure on the clouds make sure you don’t clip a bit of the aircraft with the mask (and vice versa) especially around the gear area. it’ll make the edit look a lot cleaner


yea i tried that the app automatically include the gear in the mask and i dont think i can mask it out

That KLM 777 is awesome!

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