So I was thinking of something cool to have in Infinite Flight with something that’s part of real life which is Contrails! Well you know what those are right? It’s like a white trail in the sky which is a airplane flying over you!! image
These 2 images show 2 planes flying high with the Contrails on. And when does it activate itself?? It activates around over 12,000 feet or altitude or at cruising speed. What would u think of this in Infinite Flight? Let me know!!

Hi, the trails you see are simply condensation forming due to the heat of the engine and the coldness of the oat. Pilots simply don’t have an option or the ability to turn them on and off with will.

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Also, please search before requesting a feature. You had the names mixed up, so I understand you wouldn’t be able to find the topic, but contrails have already been requested.


Duplicate post,
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I actually was looking for a topic like that and I did not so probably I did not search correctly

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A mod or staff my close this if you want to

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