Contrails on Cruise

I cannot find the right category. I am only limited to the certain categories I can select to publish. There is probably a different category for this and hopefully the mods change it, because I am unable to. This is either the right category or not. I have no idea. For that I don’t care.

I wanna discuss something some people seem to want in Infinite flight but seem too shy to discuss about it for some reason.

It is now the 10 year anniversary of infinite flight. We had been breed to love aviation by a mobile software for 10 years forward! Great right?

Well what’s even more better is the fact that it will be much better as the years pass on. Much more aircraft/reworks will be added. Textures will get better. The Infinite flight world itself will become better. Similar to X plane 11. I know this for a fact because The infinite flight team can do anything they put thier mind to, and they proved it. You probably know to. That’s why your hoping around in your Cessna seat right now.

Now to the point. And quickly because I really want to go to bed.

Contrails in Infinite flight is what is wished by millions of Infinite flight pilots world wide. Including me.
Cirrus clouds V1 is Infinite flight’s test run on thier little cloud idea. I don’t know what happens next after that. I just hope that Contrails get added.

My personal concept of what Contrails should like is Contrails production relies on the weather conditions. Once thier planes are in cruise, there are long, or short Contrails. If a plane flies above and past you, you can see thier trail left behind. Where is begins to disperse and vanish and join the clouds. That would be nice. To think about it alone is mouth watering. We pilots would love for that to happen. Really, I think Contrails would make infinite flight much more realistic. I honestly believe that eventually, Infinite flight is going to become so popular it’s gonna look like flightradar 24 when you go to the infinite flight plan tracker website. Now that would be a dream.


Agreed, they would be a great addition! I’d recommend voting here :)


Very cool.