Contrail spotting!

I saw a BA 777, so i spotted it!

BA165, training server, EGLL — N/A (i quit before destination)


Hello there!

Great photos however per the Screenshots and Videos guidelines - it is not permitted to add things to the photo that are not features in Infinite Flight.

Have a great rest of your day!

'It must not include any images that contain photoshopped features that are currently not in-app (this includes aircraft and liveries)"


If only we had contrails… Nice shots! (Of course, look at BennyBoy_Alpha’s comment)


Trying to make IF look better than it is is good for the game lol

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Wheres the contrail?


If you scroll to the top, and look at where it says how long ago that first message was posted, it’ll have a little pencil thing (highlighted in the blue box). Click on that and you can see the original edit

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How do you get this affect?

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Procreate, I drew it on

Lol it looks good though you really got me there I was wondering if you were doing an overweight landing or some thing

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The one with contrails looked way better, so too bad it’s against the rules ☹️

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It is why?

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The original effect you drew on looks very nice, well done! Thanks for following the rules of the forum though, the photos now still look very nice, it’s similar to if you would see a plane high above you, kinda realistic.

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That would be sick if they added contrails:)

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Look at the edit i made to the photos

I’ve been wanting this for over 5 years, you wouldn’t be able to see planes in the sky very well without them. The only issue is the lag and frame problems it would create.

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