Contrail Spotting V2

Hello, IFC!

I made a topic similar to this about a week ago but i was afraid it would flop. You guys liked it, and in fact, you asked for some more!

These are some more high altitude shots.

I did some editing to them to make them look crisper to please the people that said they were too grainy last time.

With a lower ISO and much lower shutter speed, i think these turned out better, but let me know below!

Icelandair 737 MAX 8 KEF-CDG


Air France A350-900 ATL-CDG

Ryanair 737-800 N/A-DUB
Other contrails are from a Ryanair 737-800 as well.

EasyJet A319 CDG-LHR

Charter A320 N/A-N/A

Air France 777-300 CDG-JFK

Air France 777-300 CDG-LAX with some nice consensation!

Thank you for looking at these pics!

It’s time to vote now!

  • Unedited pics are better
  • These are better

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  • More contrail pics
  • No more please

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Thank you!

Feel free to give me some tips to improve below!



this is a joke right

thats a condor a320

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Yes but the arrival and departure were hidden so I assume it was a charter


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