Contour Airlines Establishes Indianapolis As A Focus City

Contour Airlines has announced Indianapolis will serve as its second focus city following Santa Barbara

  • Initially, Contour will operate daily flights from Indy to Nashville, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh.
  • All operated using its 30-seat ERJ-135/145s.

News Release:


IND-LHR with Contour? 👀


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Nice! Contour flies to Baltimore (BWI-MCN), and I’ve always wanted to fly them. But, their one route to Macon isn’t really practical for me, however a connection to IND might be. Cool to see a new, smaller carrier start to thrive!

With IND as a focus city, it would be nice if Contour could add IND-SJC

That sounds really odd, not LH like at least. Probably the announcement was delayed due to Condor’s issues? Still not really sounding reasonable to make advertisement before an announcement. But no information on the (potential) airline given?

For everyone following this thread! Condor and CONTOUR are 2 different airlines! Contour is an American based airline that flies Erjs, Crjs ans others and serve small destinations including Tupelo, MS Nashville, TN and many others! They have there own website and they are not an international airline!

Condor is an airline based in Europe that travels to both domestic and international destinations!! Learn the difference as there is a big difference and don’t get them confused!

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Where did it say someting about Contour starting international?

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Did completely misinterpret the second post by @Altaria55 (all the quotes), sorry!

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