Contour Airlines Establishes Indianapolis As A Focus City

Contour Airlines has announced that Indianapolis will become a focus city!

As part of Routes Americas 2020, Contour Airlines has announced Indianapolis will serve as its second focus city following Santa Barbara.

  • Initially, Contour will operate daily flights from Indy to Nashville, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh beginning June 10.
  • All operated using its 30-seat ERJ-135/145s.

Indianapolis is currently aiming for the following:

  • West Coast of the US
  • Drive markets from Indianapolis such as St. Louis, Nashville, Pittsburgh (these three are now served with the new Contour announcement), Milwaukee, Memphis, Cleveland and more
  • International markets in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia

News Release:

Congrats to Contour Airlines and Indianapolis!


Excuse me, what?

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London route is possible. Similar sized airports such as New Orleans and Nashville* have taken similar routes— have transatlantic flights to Frankfurt and London.

*Frankfurt route has not been officially confirmed but a poster has been put up in Concourse C with the BNA and the FRA logos connected with an arrow. Man that’s oddly specific.


Basically every other airport’s list of destinations they want.

I haven’t heard about that, could truthfully see Condor operating the route. How long has the poster been there?

I don’t think it’s Condor. BNA isn’t in their booking system, but it’s in Lufthansa’s.

i know nothing about Indianapolis airport, is it big?

It’s smaller than SMF by 4,000,000 pax.

wow, thats small. Who would operate the route to EGLL?

I would assume Delta, as they’re the operators of the CDG route. British Airways is a possibility, as they’re looking at destinations like Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Cleveland.

That’s because…


A bunch of airports are available, they’re just listed there for partner connections.

Though, UA doesn’t fly to Waco so who knows.

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British Airways would be the highest chance. I don’t think Delta has available slots right now.

Delta’s Indianapolis to Paris makes sense since it’s a massive SkyTeam hub with Air France.

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KIND has large runways for being a “smaller” airport. Im assuming its for the cargo since its a Fedex hub

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This should be interesting

Yes, FedEx has a large operation there.

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i think ive done a few flights out of there on IF

@Micah_Brazil Don’t forget the CargoLux 747 stops over too.

There about 0% chance that it’s a transpacific flight.

EGLL seems feasible, England is definitely a popular destination.

Although we have the greatest airport in the US Not debatable we kinda lack the capacity, at least it seems for another long haul flight.

Anything from the long haul sector would probably originate from American. Delta already has LFPG so EHAM probably doesn’t have high demand. United’s operations are fairly small. American seems to be growing, and really claiming terminal 2, apart from the low cost carries like Allegiant to the south of the terminal, and SW at the top.

I think a AA 767 to EGLL is feasible. But more realistically, I think JetBlue could be coming in. Right now there aren’t many low cost options to New York and other Eastern cities. They could definitely fill this gap.

KIND is rapidly expanding, seeing a huge influx of new airlines and seasonal routes, just in this past year. It’ll be interesting to see more progress moving forward.

This may also be Republics chance to launch some sort range flights to St Louis for instance. They could likely find passengers who want to go up for the weekend, or for business travelers.


Honestly, I’d have to agree. It seems so nice and modern for a U.S. airport. At this time, anyway.

I can’t remember where, but I feel like there was some random rumor of AA launching LHR-IND on the 788 instead of British Airways. Though, it seems rather late for a transatlantic route announcement as summer is approaching rapidly.

It’ll likely be hard to fill a 787, especially since there’s already another transatlantic flight. But I’ll stay optimistic. :)

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Now that airlines are using mid-sized jets like the 787 more and more, transatlantic to/from a smaller city is finally a possibility for an airport like Indy. Check out this great video explaining logistics for long haul flights between smaller airports. I definitely think it’s a possibility!

American’s 767s only have 26 less seats than their 788. However, the 767s have 8 more business class seats but no Premium Economy seats. Anyways, British Airways’ 788s would be better as its in a less-dense configuration.