Continuously running out of likes...

So I know there is a 24hr limit to likes, but I tend to spread my love quickly, and recently I have been having this problem where it seems I am continually out of likes. So it will tell me “you are out of likes pleas wait x amount of time” or whatever it says, and I will wait, often longer than x, and I will give a like, and it will say “you are almost out of likes or whatever, and will give me about 3-8 likes before it says “you are out of likes” so I wait again, and the same thing happens, it has been almost 2 days now, any Ideas?


Sounds like you have a big heart…or you like to like a lot of things that maybe don’t need a like.


I’m out of likes now, sigh… and i’m still liking posts and comments…
I try to conserve my likes for valuable and meaningful posts and comments but i find many of those here on the forum to be precious in a way or another.


Being in love with the forum is not a bad thing at all sometimes. In fact you can get badges from hitting the limit :)


Well but isnt it perday, I dont think I should be continusly out of likes…


Save your likes for the most useful comments only, don’t waste them. That’s probably the reason why there is a limit.


But wait osint it perday, so I have x likes on tuesday, then x likes on monday, yet I am running out every 10mins from gingng 1-2 likes


Perhaps you should save them for meaningful, unique responses instead of just going down the whole thread liking everything you aren’t repulsed by.

Liking everything has the same effect as liking nothing. There’s no way to differentiate “this is a unique and meaningful response I appreciate” and “this is content I saw”.


The main reason for why we have a limit for likes and saves, is so there isn’t any abuse with them. (I am not sure for why there is a save limit :)) Sorry if I am wrong.


To echo what everyone has already stated, likes are not meant to be given out like candy. The limit is in place to keep people from blindly liking every post for the pure objective of padding their forum stats.

Likes should be given to high quality posts.

I would say you can like this post but… well…