Continuous Requirements

Simple answer.


It is said that a habit is developed after 30 days. After the 30 days it’s more muscle memory but what happens after you haven’t done something after a while? You have to re learn and restart. This is a healthy habit and part of the reason that keeps more serious people flying on expert server.

It is good for both IF and us:

  • IF keeps people using their product.
  • Keeps us from getting violations because we’re more current about the expectations on ES.
Side note

Apologies if this is sloppily written I am super busy and had to speed type 🤪

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Nah. That’s not right. Im paying a subscription to fly out of JFK with friends. Your totally wrong.

If you can’t handle trolls, why continue to feed yourself into it? You’re making your own problem worse.

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me too lol

Ok wait what is this about agian?

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Well what if I want to fly out of those airports?

Because I want To fly out of my home airport.

And you can still do that… 🙂

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maybe try and see if there is anybody there? or just try another route? or fly into JFK

But not with people continuously trolling.

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Without ATC, and seeing people fly through me, at 400KTS in a 748. Awesome! Way to simulate real life!

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I’m sorry if I seem really pushy, I am trying to help here and state my opinion.

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XD ok this made me giggle

mayb try and delay the flight JFK has different runways try taxiing to any one of em
th troll cant be targeting you right?..right?

It’s casual server, what else would you be expecting?

Obviously, it’s where the “noobs” hang out. It’s a mobile sim, it won’t be perfect. Al

It’s about requirements that forces you to fly an average of 0,27hrs (not 27minutes) per day during a 90 day period, and do 0,1666666 landings per day.

There’s also an additional aspect of this:
When we added these kind of requirements, the general feeling from pretty much everyone was that the quality of the Expert Server improved by a lot. No, it won’t perhaps fit everyone that are more casual flyers. But there can’t be a shoe that fits every foot :)

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I think thats their argument

Well, with Tyler’s logic, a simulation of real life! That’s what IF is!

im sorry WHAT? what is 0 comma 27?

FWIW: Thinking we can jump onto a server after months of not flying and thinking we’re ok to fly isn’t simulating real life either. The arguments aren’t making sense. Just saying…


Thanks for everyone’s input. At this time we have no plans to change server proficiency requirements, though we’re always tracking data and feedback to make the best decisions.

Proficiency is important to maintain a certain standard and expectation. Pilots and controllers expect one another to be qualified when engaging on the Expert Server. These basic requirements ensure each user has some level of recent currency when operating in our most simulated environment.

We’ll continue to monitor and adjust as necessary moving forward.