Continuous App Crashes

I am reaching out for help as I have experienced a continuous issue on overnight flights where the app disconnects for up to several minutes and then reconnects. This has the effect of the screen freezing (only on IF) and touch being unresponsive. I tried turning off low power mode and reducing graphics as at first I thought it was a performance issue but that did not help. For example it affects the live server for me as well as I was flying overnight from Kuala Lumpur to London and when I woke up I had not even reached the top of the Sub-Continent. Furthermore on 2 other flights, a Latam one where I noticed early on in the flight and stopped it, and finally last night I was flying a group flight and I woke up this morning to find myself much further away from the destination than I was supposed to be and the app was freezing every few seconds. I will link the replays below for anyone to help. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this or has any other solutions. Thanks



Which device are you using? I experienced a similar issue once too.

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I am using an iPhone 11.

What happen to me was when I came back home the screen was frozen, and my touches were not recognized. And then when I tried quitting and coming back into the game my game crashed. Is this similar to what happens to you?

I solved this by restarting before every flight and not letting Google etc run in the background.

I have an Air 4, btw

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Yes sort of if you look at the 3rd replay you will see there were many smaller crashes one after another which unfroze after a period of seconds. I am not sure if it is performance as I complete overnight flights almost every night but if it worked for you I will try it in the future.

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I have never had this problem but I am sure one of the devs will help.

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^ Looks like a fun Christmas tree. 🎄

Try This:

Run this a few times on your iPhone 11 and report back what the ping is. If the ping is low, attempt to bring your device close to the WiFi router and try again.

The issue might just be that your WiFi/WiFi-to-Phone connection is just bad (thus the reason for the continuous disconnections throughout your flight)

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Thanks I will try that!

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