Continued lag, overheating and battery drain

Prior to the last major update (I think 19.1, correct me if i’m wrong) on IF, the simulator ran perfectly on my phone. At most my phone might have got a little hot after being on for so long while also on charge, but in terms of the app, never any lag or crashes.

After the update, I suffered the mentioned issues. Having heard about the ‘Hotfix 20.1’ I was obviously ecstatic, however within 30 seconds of beginning my taxi, the same issues were apparent. Terrible lag with at most 2-3 other users at the same airport, I wouldn’t even say they were anywhere close to me. The phone was also without doubt overheating in my hands. I’d say the app was running for a mere 5 mins in total.

This thread contains a lot of the information and issues that occurred previously and its the same issue now pretty much. I will summarise my settings below as recommended by @schyllberg

Infinite Flight Version: 20.01.01 (321)

Device Information (OS and model): iPhone 6S, iOS 13.5.1

Graphics Settings:
Render quality: Low
Rendering resolution: Low
Texture quality: Low
Anti-aliasing: Off
Limit frame rate: Yes

If any other information is required don’t hesitate to ask :)

The iPhone 6S is a 2GB RAM device, which should be able to run the app smoothly at low settings.

There are still a few known issues, which a second hotfix is coming for. Try a flight on solo, and if you can complete that with no issue then try reducing your aircraft count on multiplayer.


Unfortunately there really isn’t much that can be done anymore besides a little more optimisation. Your device is almost 6 years old, it’s far from its prime. Sure, it still works, but in the tech world, 6 years is an outdated device. It’s never going to get more powerful. Besides keeping your graphics at the absolute minimum, keeping aircraft count at none and making sure you restart the phone before a flight, there really isn’t much left to be done. As far as I know, quite a few devices are having performance issues and the Devs are doing their very best to work on and improve it, but I don’t feel the iPhone 6 has much longer left with IF.

Updates add extra content typically
As bigger and better features are added, the running requirements will continue to increase. You can’t always have good advancement and keep ahold of older devices.

Sorry if that doesn’t seem very helpful… But that’s about all there is to it.


Idk if they still do this or apple got sued for it, but sometimes they just make the phone break

Make sure that you have aircraft count to none, or low if you’re at a busy airport. When flying I suggest you zoom into a dark part of the cockpit. Been doing that and have had no problems.
I’ve also had some lag spikes, but they go away after a few minutes.

@schyllberg can you comment on this point at all?


What i can say at this point is that we’ve done tests with the iPhone 6S (Plus i believe though), with good results using the following settings:

Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: Low
Texture Quality: Medium
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Limit Frame Rate: Checked
Airplane count: Low

I believe Laura did some 12-13 hours or something, with stops and did not experience any issues. Just a device restart before the flight and was on her way. And this was not using any special “dev” build or anything. It was using the regular build available in the stores.


I run my 6S on long hauls only, however I just need to restart my phone beforehand.

Well it’s great to know the 6S is capable of running IF, definitely dispels a lot of the myths. Thank you @schyllberg

Thank you for your reply, however it seems this is factually incorrect (please see @schyllberg message in this thread). I think it’d be more than worthwhile to delete your message so it doesn’t misinform anybody.

What do you think of the Huawei P30 lite.

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