Continued issues with server

image image Hi. My friend is in mid flight from EGNX TO TBPB on a Training server. He is trying to emergency land near the Canary Islands (possibly GCFV)

He states his engines just cut out all of a sudden and is struggling to connect to live serverimage

Could he be using IFpax for emergencies?

After that, tell him to try to restart the app.

If that does not work, is he having trouble connecting in other apps?

There’s 2-3 things that could be happening…

1.) Infinite Flight Passengers (IFPAX) Emergencies

2.) Accessing account with another device

  • Sometimes this “happens” when it actually isn’t happening… Don’t freck out.

If your friend does not use option 1, you can restart Infinite Flight and the issue should be resolved.

If your friend is connected on 2 devices, the reason for this is that if a second device tries to fly… The first device’s engine will cut out (what seems to be happening right now)

He does not have Infinite passengers and doesn’t struggle to connect to other apps

How long has he been in the air? In what way is he having issues? Everything looks green in the screenshots you sent us, except that they’re cropped.

he try’s to start engines, but they fail after around 1 minute . he has been in the air for over 2 hours

Is he not getting any error on the top?

No. He isn’t Nothing at all

Okay… It’s hard to say at this point to be honest. I’d suspect it had something to do with the issues we experienced earlier. But without any clear errors, i can’t tell.

If you’d gave me his callsign and/or display name, i could have a look in the logs a bit later.

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Might be an issue because of the server going down. I had my solo flight’s engines cut when it happened, but all is working now.

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