Continued disconnection from live server

Device: iPad Air 2022
Operating system: iOS 16

I’ve just recently repurchased a subscription but am unable to complete any long haul flights as I keep disconnecting from the live server overnight. Do not disturb is on and both times there have been no pop up notifications or anything - the flight is still going but the live server is disconnected for some reason.

I’ve had this issue before due to a notification (hence why I use do not disturb), but now I am unable to attribute it to anything. The flight time makes sense so the device has not been switched off or anything.

Searching on here reveals many reports of the same problem but no solution, so how do I go about processing a refund?

This issue will happen a lot, do you have good wifi, I assure you there is no need for a refund

Hi, thanks for reaching out. We aren’t tracking any issues like this - usually disconnections are caused by:

  • an interruption to your network connection of more than a few minutes (such as your wifi router restarting overnight)
  • your iPad being placed into Paused state (as you said, this can be caused by the blocking iOS alerts…)
  • an incoming call / alarm that could place your iPad into paused state

We’re working on improving the logic for reconnections for future updates to minimise this (while also minimising disruption to the other players on the online environment by aircraft popping up randomly).

In the meantime, refunds are handled by the store you purchased it from. For the App Store, here are the instructions to request a refund (we are unable to handle this on our end unfortunately):


Thanks Cameron, haven’t had any issues for the past couple nights so no refund needed… hopefully the future improvements help 👍


Glad to hear it! Let us know if you notice it getting worse again


Im still having the same problem too yesterday The live server was working and today is not idk what’s happening tbh

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