Continued descending through the ground upon landing at KATL

Device: IPad
Operating system: iOS 15.5

After a 9 hour flight from SCL I just touched down at ATL only to continue descending through the ground upon landing. My landing gear was out and everything. A little bit frustrated and just wanted to document this.

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Could you send a picture?

One second. Basically what happened was that I was still flying but below the ground level. I ended up being able to fly from about -1500 MSL back above the ground.

Yeah, some times the game just has a little bit of a moment. As long as it doesn’t continue it should be fine next game. I would just reccomend you refresh your app and clear your scenery chache. Very interesting though :)

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Initial “touchdown”

Cockpit view from underground, note that Atlanta field elevation is more than 1000 MSL

Re-emerging from under ground

I think this is the same issue that we have on the user guide on Infinite flight website.

This usually happens when the scenery stream from our servers to your device becomes corrupt for some reason.

To resolve this issue, please try the following steps:

  • Re-launch Infinite Flight (make sure you stop it from running in the background first)
  • Before starting a new flight, go to Settings > General > Tap “Clear scenery cache” (it’s at the bottom)
  • Start a flight (try on Solo first)

Note: In some rare cases, the steps above might not be enough. If that should be the case, you will have to reinstall Infinite Flight.

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Thank you!

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