Continue Taxi only available after "Hold position" command

On PG, we’ve all heard those controllers who use “Continue taxi” instead of assigning a runway. Well, my proposal is that we remove the “Continue taxi” button entirely, so it only becomes available after “Hold position” has been used on that aircraft. Thoughts?

Please don’t say “Fly advanced”. This is meant for those people annoyed by those controllers who can’t fly advanced yet.


I understand your pain but sometimes I guess the ATC want to know which runway you prefer to use… Maybe for the rest they just don’t know which runway to assign to you…

they are supposed to send you to a certain runway dependant on the workload

Is there a tutorial for these people who don’t know which runway to assign to pilots?

They need to understand the wind first…

Well what about when some guy decides he just wants to stop and sit in the taxiway with a line of planes behind him? Now instead of me just being able to tell him “continue taxi”, I have to tell him to “Hold Position” and then “Continue Taxi”. I like your concept but it would also bring that disadvantage.


Nope, not dependent on the workload. We will always assign you a runway to taxi to.

Otherwise, I like this suggestion, but also agree with @Tecnam2TA


I think he was trying to say about segregated operations…

Maybe ‘Continue taxi’ could be available only after a ‘Taxi to runway xx’ or ‘Hold position’ has been given. This solves both problems.


On multi runway airports it is based on runway workload which runway you get sent to. Please qualify your replies before you make them:[quote=“Samuel123abc, post:6, topic:38005”]
Nope, not dependent on the workload.

That is a great idea. ^^

Well that defeats what I was saying.

I mean ‘continue taxi’ could become available after both scenarios so that it can only be used in the right situations :)

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Right, so that means you have to say “Taxi to runway XX” and also “Hold Position” before the “Continue Taxi” button becomes available. What I’m saying though is if I as an experienced advanced controller needs to tell an aircraft to “continue taxi” (if someone is just sitting holding up a line, for example) I still need to tell him “Hold Position” before the feature becomes available; however, I don’t want to tell him hold position, I only want to tell him continue taxi. The first scenario (Tell him to taxi to runway XX) has been completed, now I need to tell him “Hold Position” and then the feature becomes available, however I only need to tell him continue taxi as he’s already stopped unexpectedly holding up a line, so that’s a problem. Sorry for the long post haha.


@CJ12 Ohh… I think I understand what you mean now. I must have misread what you said. I get it. Great idea! You mean only one of the scenarios being completed will enable the “Continue Taxi” feature. I thought you were saying both had to be completed, but you are meaning only one of the scenarios. I like your idea. That would solve both of the problems.


Yeah that’s right! Sorry I must have said it unclearly :)


Haha you saw that coming…well that has been a habit for some fellows here…ok back on topic…nice request i have also been thinking maybe ,sometimes i miss use this term…let me explain…i use that when someone has requested taxi to a specific point x either parking runway or well said after a hold i right?

Use continue taxi only after saying “Hold position” to the aircraft.

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Good to know! How i wish the forum was always like this…just learning