Continue for landing

Continue for landing. What I have to do after I signed up at the Tower and get this answer? I signed up too early? What I have done wrong? Do I have to register again? And if so, when? What should I do?

(* Translated by Google. I hope someone understands my concerns) :-)

Sie scheinen auf den Turm vor Ort geschlagen worden und sind nun ein Beobachter. Es passiert mir sehr veil.
I saw that you were from Germany and did my best to translate it! :)

In English you joined to late at your position and are an observer. The commands you hear are the tower talking! You would just have to back out and try for another airport at the time! :)

Oh! Sorry I forgot to mention that I’m the pilot!

Sounds like Google Translate xD

“Continue inbound” heißt lediglich das du dein Flug zum Flughafen nach deinem Belieben fortsetzen kannst. In der Nähe des Flughafens könntest du aber weitere Indikationen erwarten.

If ATC tells you to “Continue inbound” you have to proceed on your course to the airport. Closer to the airport you can expect further pattern instructions.


Sure was google translate! I don’t know any German! I bet it sounded horrible!

Thanks Laurens! That was exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks alot!

(Continue Inbound! I had forgotten the words! Sorry.)

Do not worry! I thank you anyway for the help!

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