Continue Flights After Swiped App

Hey guys, I was using Infinite Flight on a long flight from Tokoyo to Hawaii. I opened LiveFlight for a second then when I went to swipe it, I accidentally swiped IF instead of live flight. The flight ended and I didn’t even get any experince or anything. I request that you add an option that avoids that. For example when you swipe the app then enter it again, you can maybe put something like “we see you were doing a flight but ended without pressing end flight, would you like to continue the flight?” Of course, maybe you can remove that option If some takes like 5 minutes or more for example. Maybe the plane can stay in place or something when it realizes if you’re out of the app or something


I don’t think planes appearing out of nowhere would be very good.


Next time dont swipe


It’s just really difficult to make the app continue if it is closed… impossible.


Hi, while I understand your reasoning, it would be nearly impossible to design a feature like this. Swiping up on an app is effectively killing it, meaning it loses it’s previous state.

Also, your topic is quite similar to this:

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Thanks for the feedback (:


If you swipe an app, the OS kills the app. I’m not a developer but I don’t think there is any way around this unless you are an Apple dev and change it yourself.


Hey! Sometimes when I lose connection, I tend to go check the WiFi, when I come to open IF and close the settings, I make sure to be careful when closing the setting so I don’t close IF by mistake instead.

I don’t think any member on the forum is dumb enough to swipe up Infinite Flight mid-flight. I think that is called treason to Infinite Flight in Laura’s dictionary…

It’s not called being dumb, it was a accident. Not something that will probably happen frequently, however happens time to time.


Think what he means is basically when you reopen it after accidentally swiping an app, the developers could actually integrate a button on IF to continue the flight where it was last saved, referring to the other topic above.

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That’s is what he means but I think people should just not swipe and let’s the developers focus on developing new content for us instead of the 1 in a 100 (probably more) chance you accidentally swipe to close the app. And I think it was be near on impossible and would need to come from Apple first the FDS could add it.

Oh the Lies! They burn!! Someone get me the cream… or Greek yoghurt! (I hear that works too).
In short, your experience updates throughout the flight - so you did earn experience and flying hours.

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Then should this be the new norm when this feature is added?

I see many ghost stories ahead.

credits to @Wattsup_jet

Lol! Lesson learned: when doing a group event, don’t set the same speed and the same altitude at the same time.

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I wish you luck getting this to work

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