Continually Impressed by this sim

IF is probably one of my more expensive app subscriptions. I tend to be old school and like to steer away from app subscriptions. But the amount of dedicated work that’s constantly being put into the sim is outstanding. From continuous updates, to training videos, to support. Very happy to pay the annual fee for all the hard work. Thanks guys.


I’m the same way, but IF does produce a product that is worth having, especially with the amount of love the staff put into the app.


I have to agree here. In all of the games that I’ve played in my lifetime, Infinite Flight has got to be 1st on the list for the best games. The way that they engage with the community is something that I’ve never seen before. And I feel like everyone here is family which is something that is outstanding. The Infinite Flight staff and developers have followed the mentality of the “Hard work Pays off” because they have truly made this game and community successful.


It’s so good that we have a sim on the App Store that the devs actually care about. This sim has come a very long way since the beginning and the progress shows no sign of stopping.

Just popping in here to let you know how much the team appreciates those kind messages.

Thank you all for being part of our journey and for your support!


💯 this app was a big help when training/obtaining my PPL. The ATC commands/calls are what I use now.


Thanks for the kind words, folks!


There are so many other apps that claim to offer the same thing as Infinite Flight, but they just don’t.

I believe that one of the Infinite Flight teams’ biggest strengths is their immense passion for what they do and desire to continually improve their product. The way they interact with their users and the public, listening to what we have to say, sharing solutions to problems, showing us the processes to develop the updates and new features…their transparency is quite remarkable, and in my opinion is very difficult to find anywhere else in the mobile aviation community.

I’ve learned so much about aviation from Infinite Flight over the course of the better part of 5 years now (I think, it’s been a long time), and I have no plan to stop using it anytime soon, even while I’m in college and after I graduate two years from now.

All your hard work really sets you apart.

Cheers to the whole Infinite Flight team for what you do! ❤️


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