Continual Crashing

I know that this is a known issue and is pinned on support. However after the last 3 days the app has become unusable. I’ve reinstalled, changed all settings and have yet to successfully complete a flight. Has anyone figured out a temporary fix? I’m also seeing other planes disappear in their final which I assume is their app crashing as well. I have a M1 iPad Pro and have never had an issue to this degree.



Just to be clear, you can open the app and fly but your game crashes when on final?

It crashes at all periods of flights. Even sometimes when I spawn at the gate then the app crashes. So no consistency in what is causing the app to crash.

Ok, what are your graphic settings?

As the original post said I’ve tired all settings. If you have a fix, please let me know, but I’ve had zero issues with this app until this latest update.

just to clear all bases, what is your internet connection like at these times ??

I have Google fiber so my wifi router supports up to 500 down. I’d say it’s averaging 250-300 down 50/75 up

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My past two flights crashed on descent and on final. Using latest iPad Pro too

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Just taxid to runway. App crashed. Would a global server disconnect or vpn cause app to crash?

What is your device? I’m running an iPhone 11 Pro Max, on Medium settings. I’ve only ever had one or two crashes maybe in the last 3-4 months.

Latest IPad Pro. Issues only started on weekend.


Same here.


I am also having crashes on almost every flight, I am using an old iPhone 8 so that might be my problem, but other than that I have all my settings to low and don’t fly long hauls often.

Hello there everybody what is everyone using for Wi-Fi and is your connection good or stable have you tried…



Low graphics

Check for stable internet

I’ll try lowering graphics, would having a vpn on affect the app?

All has been done, as stated in thread. :(

Hey, I saw you said that you saw the pinned message in support. I suggest you ask for the diagnostics app so you can report the crashes and help play a part in making the app better (and less crash prone).

Waiting for my invite to help figure this out! You’ve noticed any differences using the dev version?

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Not really. I haven’t crashed yet on that though, but I doubt that’s because anything changed but more of me having not flown much (especially in busy areas) in the past week. It even says that the only difference is the ability to more diagnostics info

Question guys? I used to have severe crashes but I lowered my airplane count to medium or low thst should help

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