Continual crashing

Device: iPad 2018
Software: iOS11.4 (and previous iOS)

I recently purchased the new 2018 iPad. Ever since I have only been able to complete one or two flights. This has happened on all the recent versions of iOS and app updates, Including the latest on Friday.

I have tried all the usual tips including clearing cache, restarting RAM and trying running on lower settings.

This normally happens once I’m cruise, and never had an issue whilst controlling.

Seems strange so any help would be appreciated!

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Can you provide some more details?

When is it crashing, startup, 10 hours into it, etc.
Does it happen with all aircraft?
Does it happen on solo mode or just live?

Sure, Happening about 1 hour in.
Happened with the, 321, 737, 777-300/777-200LR and A380
And live, solo seems to be fine

Do you get an error that pops up or does it just close?

Just closes, no error or anything. It’s weird as never had this issue before with any device alas my post.

Or if there is a message it doesn’t stay for longer than a second!

What are your graphics settings? Can you share a screen shot?

All on medium, limit frame rate off, anti-aliasing off. Can’t get a screenshot at the moment apologies

Turn limit frame rate on and see if that helps.

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I have tried before, but will try again this afternoon and feedback.

I am having this exact same issue! iPad 2017. It crashed 2 times in a row on 2 separate attempted flights 1 hour in.

With what graphics settings.

Limit Frame Rate and Anti-Aliasing should both be on.

Are you also on 11.4?

Well, those flights I did that crashed were before I updated iOS… my bug report is pretty much invalid then 😅. I updated it this morning to 11.4 and I’m doing a long haul right now so I’ll get back with some results. (I use max settings and limit frame rate on normally for all my flights)

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Seems to be working fine now, typical to work again just after I make this! Completed 2 two hour flights easily turning on limit frame rate first time then turning it back off and both were fine.

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Yeah, this flight I’m doing right now hasn’t had any issues yet… I’m a few hours in. I think my outdated iOS was the problem.

On my air 2 I have everything on full and I use limit frame rate and low power mode. It does the trick. Because your device is so much more advanced I would not say that you should lower your graphics at all but usually limit frame rate will solve the issue.

Make sure turn off auto lock before doing a long haul flight

That’s not an issue as the iPad doesn’t lock while apps are running.

@Matt do you have lock orientation on?

It seems strange because I recently purchased the same I pad as you and I have no problems and I’m on high settings.

That’s what I thought, I only lowered settings to try resolve the crashing issue.

And I don’t have orientation lock on.

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