Continental/UNITED retro livery B737-900ER

I just looked up random flights at FR24 when I discovered this beauty and I felt in love immediately and I went to the community right away to check if I could find a request for this beauty but I couldn’t after I almost choked to death to see that no one haven’t requested this yet I made my own lol. Not my picture credits ván Cabrero N75435 | Boeing 737-924ER | United Airlines | Ivn Cabrero | JetPhotos

Little information about N75435

CN/MSN: 33529
LINE No: 2916
Registration: N75435
Airline: United Airlines
Delivery Date: 2009-05-29
Engine Model: CFM56-7B27

Little information about united it self

Founded April 6 1926 as Varney Air Lines



Callsign. UNITED

Alliance. star alliance

Could you maybe add a little more detail? Maybe to attract more people to vote.

Also this isn’t a duplicate, there is one for the 739 but none for the 738.


Thats a 737-900ER in the picture. (see extra exit door towards rear of fuselage) Love the livery though

Oh, then technically this is a duplicate? I’ll let the mods handle it.

It also has no votes.

Oh whooops I was to Fast

I’m terribly sorry guys/mods I was to fast when I searched I know it is a pain in the ass to close down duplicates and telling over and over again search before posting.

Saw this IRL and thought it was stunning. Given the three retro liveries for the AA 737, it wouldn’t hurt to have this for a United 737.

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Credit… Me lol


Omg I think I’m going to flip we neeeeddddd this I just love this more and more

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Could you show some love and vote for it buddy ?

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I would so love to see the United “Saul Bass” livery in-game for the B737s too.


I love this plane man. I loved the Continental colors, even back in the 1970’s, and I think this would be a fantastic add to the 737. Now all we need is a modern cockpit and I’d be 100% satisfied.


I’ve been on that plane before
I like the livery, but I need to free a vote


I think this would look amazing on the Game!!

Fully supporting the addition of this livery. It looks pretty with the new winglets!

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👍🏽 I agree with you

This look nice and I am a big fan of United but I really want the eco skies livery and this on to also I think in the next update they should or probably will put the new livery that they came out with a few months ago

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