Continental trijet houston to los angeles

Some screenshots about a flight from Houston to Los Angeles in the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 of continental airlines. The flight took around 3 hours long and our cruise speed was mach 0.82. The cruise altitude was fl380. This flight took place on the expert server as usual.

Information about this flight;

• Server: expert server
• Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas DC-10
• Livery: continental airlines
• Route: KIAH-KLAX
• Altitude: 38000 feet
• Speed: mach 0.82
• Flight time: 3 hours and 6 minutes.

DC10 and B757.


Blasting out of Houston.




Tomorrow I’ll post one about a flight from Seattle to Shanghai in the B767-300 of Delta airlines!


Awesome shots!

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The DC-10 is such a lovely plane! 😍


Thank you!

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Need to make more routed with this plane if I ever get another PRO subscription. Nice photos.

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I really love your traveling posts. These posts are sooo goood! Keep ‘em up

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Thank you very much! Appreciate it.

Did they get the extra point?