Continental "Peter Max' livery for the 777-200ER

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This livery is designed by Peter Max. He was commissioned by Continental to paint a “$160 million dollar canvas”, which was designated as the NYC Millennium plane as a commemoration to New York city’s 1999 New Year’s celebration. With the 777-200ER right around the corner, I believe this livery would be a great addition to the game. In my opinion, it’s absolutely stunning, and I believe many would like to fly a vibrant, colorful 777-200ER in game. Please spare a vote if you’d like to see this livery as part of the rework.

It’s a little weird and I don’t quite understand it but it looks cool.

It isn’t really meant to have a meaning, it’s just the aesthetics that matter.

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Imagine flying in this

Never seen that livery looks very colorful 😃

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Given away still better than being scrapped right?

It’s a colorful nice livery, but I don’t have any available votes. Nice though!

One of my favourite airlines. And a great lover to go with it. Sadly United had to take over.

Very much so, but still…

I’m a petrolhead too so I totally understand what you’re getting at, but all in all it could’ve been much worse for those Vettes.

Your not wrong. I am not a big fan of cars, but that just broke my jet fuel heart.

Edit: I don’t understand why that was off topic as it was about the artist but whatever.

I do like the livery and I do like Max’s style, but honestly its a bit of a meh for me.

@TOGA YOU got my vote!😎 Lets hope to see this birdnsoon

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Just visualize this colorful livery in game…'nuff said.

This honestly would bring back so many good Continental routes!!

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Most importantly the EWR-HKG route…longest 77E route ever, and quite frankly it was revolutionary given nobody would’ve thought a twinjet on such a long route was possible, well believe it baby.

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Imagine flying this 777 to HKG or Milan or Paris to those destinations it did. I think this specific livery flew most routes to ASIA from EWR so that is going to bring creativity

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Plus we really need more colorful, eyecatching liveries these days, so what better aircraft to implement these than the 777?

Yeah that is so true! Continental im general had an amazing livery they really believed in color!

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Plus CO was really one of the only airlnes that truly exploited the 77E’s capabilities…any CO livery would be great on the 77E.

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Bro CO In general was just different they were the best! But yeah the 777 option for CO is amazing imagine the endless routes: EWR-GUM-Shanghi

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