Continental Express CRJ200


Now here is something you don’t see everyday (or anymore, since ya know, CO has mergered with UA)

Here is a Continental Express CRJ-200 that was operated by Chautauqua Airlines (now defunct also). Continental Airlines had two Regional Carriers under the Banners: Continental Express and Continental Connection. They both served the same purpose, to serve cities that bigger airlines can’t fly into, or just cities that don’t need that much demand.

This livery would look great on the CRJ200, and would also be alongside the DC-10 that also has the Continental Livery. Of course, it would look identical to the United Express Livery, as they both share the same livery.

What do you think about this livery? As a I said, This would be a great livery to choose for the CRJ200 :)

This livery looks classic and really takes me back to the 2000’s when I saw these all the time! IMHO we need more classic liveries such as Continental ;)

Bumping this, hoping to see Continental Express be added to the CRJ200 :)

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I would like this livery, but saying United Express, and maybe the new United Livery as well.

I had to vote! I love the Continental livery and I use to fly them.

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