Continental Boeing 757-200

So this is a cool feature request! I used to always fly with Continental Airlines everywhere! I think this would be a great edition! I know that in IF it says “United Continental” but it does not have the famous Continental logo! I will always love Continental, even though they are gone.

Here is a picture of the aircraft:

*Photo Credit Stephen Perry

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Great idea, shouldn’t be hard to add.


Exactly, just replace the United logo.


Yeah, we need the continental livery, it looks perfect on anything

Yeah Continental was great. They had a hub at KCLE so I always used to fly with them everywhere. This livery is definitely needed!

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That’s awesome! I really do hope to see this though!

Well, this is not the post merger. This is the pre merger, we already have the post merger planes in IF.

This would be a really great addition, since we only have one aircraft with the continental colors, which is the dc-10.

All of them have the continental colors,Exept for the star alliance livery. but would really love to see this plane here in IF.

Continental Airlines Boeing 757-200 Landing at Bristol, England, United Kingdom. August 2005. Posted on Twitter.


Continental Airlines (N19117) Boeing 757-200 were runway takeoff from Eagle Vail, Colorado. January 2010. Posted on Twitter.