Continental Airlines | EWR-HNL | Douglas DC-10

Hey IFC!
I installed a cool filter on all of these photos that make them look as if they were taken several decades ago. I hope you like them.

 Server: Expert

 Callsign: United 122VA

 Route: New York Newark Liberty KEWR - Daniel K. Inouye Honolulu PHNL

Here we go!
Our ride

Blasting out of EWR

Climbing high

Flying high

Flying over the Continental divide

Oh Continental, you had your Glory days

Flying overhead San Francisco

Nothing but ocean

Descending into Honolulu

Safe (but very fast at 190kts) landing at HNL

Takeoff and Landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!



Well done Jack! Love to see the DC10. The quality is so good!

Your bro Mitchell (UVAL456)

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Great job @Jack_Q! You’re definitely improving, these are some of your best photos yet!

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Great Photos but landing at 190knts,hmmm…

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Beautiful Pictures!

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@Kyline_Gudy yes, ordinarily landing at 190kts would be bad etiquette and somewhat dangerous. The DC-10 in real life will land at the regular landing speed (130-155kts) but the physics of this plane in Infinite flight make it so that even with full flaps, the plane cannot drop below 180kts without entering a stall.

Very awesome editing job and great choice for aircraft!

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Are you sure? I repeatedly land at 145 in the DC-10 with no prob.

Great pictures! The continental DC-10 is one of my faves!

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Love the idea with the filter! Keep it up!


@Daniel14 yes I am sure. Trust me I didn’t want to land at 190kts either, but I couldn’t get the plane any lower without stalling.