Continental Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

Would bolster Newark operations and really help the 2000’s feel!

If you’re gonna fly planes that have a livery belonging to a dead airline, you might as well just fly their classic aircraft and i’m of course speaking of the DC-10, cool but just doesn’t make sense to me to add a continental 772, i’d vote for a evo blue united and more accurate PW4K engines.

That’s certainly true! But as any passionate Continental/United and/or Boeing/Douglas Commercial 707, 727, 737, DC-9, 10, MD-11, etc. enthusiast will tell you, similar airlines and/or planes are not the same.

For some people, specifics and details can go a long way!


Those are some great feature requests too!

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With the very unfortunate confirmation that the Evo Blue livery (or Ew Blue as I like to call it) will replace the current United Continental 777-200ER, and with many people (including myself) getting highly disappointed over it in this topic, adding this livery makes more sense than ever, since it won’t be the same livery with different titles as pointed by some users when I originally made the request. Let’s not let Continental die!


Wouldn’t this be fun!


Second vid, the big fella has 10 degree flaps. Loaded down…


Gotta like Continental!

I’d love more continental liveries in the game! The 777 was an important part of their long-haul fleet, and made history when it flew nonstop for the first time from Newark to Hong Kong. I’m out of votes but you have my support!

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It looks like an united airlines

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They adopted this livery and changed the titles after the merger in 2010

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A Continental 777-200ER at NRT, 2003. Source


No, United Airlines looks like Continental. Because it is Continental

And a JAL trijet and ANA 747, years gone by…

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Continental Airlines (N78017) Boeing 777-200ER. June 14, 2007. At Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan 🇯🇵. The credit photo is Dennis HKG. Posted on Flickr.