Continental Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

N78004 on final approach to Geneva. Photo Credit.

Continental Airlines was one of the biggest airlines in the USA and now is mostly forgotten. I’m pretty sure some people here don’t even remember that United’s globe is actually from Continental because just like the modern stuff, not caring at all from things as little as 10 years ago. Also, we currently only have ONE Continental Airlines airplane in the sim, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, which btw I’m pretty sure some people also forget even is in the sim.

A little more about the 777

The Boeing 777, also known as Triple Seven is a widebody aircraft developed by The Boeing Company in the late 1980s and early 1990s (originally as a trijet, later changed to a twinjet). The 777 is also one of the latest aircraft in IF, being reworked in June 2020 (for the -200ER, the other versions were reworked in October 2020), so it would make sense to add new liveries.

You can find more about the 777 in the article below

A little more about Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines was a major USA airline that started operations in 1937 and ceassed operations in 2012 as it merged with United Airlines with hubs in Houston and Newark.

You can find more information about Continental Airlines in the article below

Final Checklist

Recently released aircraft? ✅
Would add diversity to the IF fleet? ✅
Big airline with lots of routes? ✅
Would add more retro routes? ✅

Hmmm, Takes off United sticker

Slaps continental sticker on the 777

“Yes, perfect”

You have my full support


yeah except reality was the oposite 😂

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Would be cool to see
We only have a Continental DC-10. The 767 says “Continental” but it’s just the livery United kept in the merger lol

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I bet the devs thought it’d just be a temporary livery back then

Just realized how old the 767 is in IF
It was released just after the merger. WHICH WAS 10 YEARS AGO What the heck

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people often forget these old models exist, and also when they were released

I would like to see the last Conti livery (United Merger) on;

I would like to see the brass tail (old Livery) on;

And maybe a 737 throwback this color!

The new livery is on the 300. Seems to me it should be easy to port over to the 200 & 200LR

Oh, so you’d rather have the third United (which as @anon71374032 said already is on the 77W) rather than a different airline? I don’t get your point.

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Last I checked Continental wasn’t United.

United isn’t a substitute if you don’t like Continental Airlines. They’re not the same.


The Continental “NYC 2000’s” livery is also needed:




the only thing wrong with this game, they never give old liveries a shot, the fact that people forget the dc 10 hurts so muchhh considering its actually like a newer addition to the game with all the same fun gizmos and cargo doors and wingflex as the 2020 ones, AND it has that beautiful continental livery, and the fact that they COULD have had the option to maybe just put a single continental special livery for the 772 because then maybe people would want to fly it instead of the united globe 772, but imagine battleship grey united plans and 90s continental planes parked next to eachother at newark :///


exactly!! the special edition livery would actually make sense for the game too and maybe make the devs think ab it more


Saying Continental is the same as United is like saying Copa is the same as United

We only have 1 Continental livery so this would be cool to have


exactly!! vote for it pls

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United is already in the game, close enough.

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Get this livery in the sim

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Not really, why do we have livery requests like this, or something like the Air France 2021 livery? Because close enough is not good enough, if we want the CO livery, let us have the CO livery instead of just using the United livery