Continental Airlines Boeing 737-900ER

Continental Airlines was founded in May 1934 until March 2012. Already, it had received an existing Boeing 737-900ER (30) fleet and left 22 fleet. It had no Split Scimitar Winglets and with anybody.

The credit photo is FOKKER AIRCRAFT.
Continental Airlines (N28424) Boeing 737-900ER.
Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (KLAS/LAS), Las Vegas, Nevada.
Taken date: December 23, 2010.


Please about Continental Airlines, any questions and answers?

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that’s a weird looking fokker

i’m joking

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Yes, he did lol! I do not think so his own username inside the jetphotos.

Did Continental Airlines merge with United can someone answer?

yes, they did, which is why united had that livery, also, copa actually used to be a part of united. which explains the similarity between those two.

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Continental bought United and kept the United brand


Other way around actually

No. It’s not. Google it.

Apparently, Continental sold some of it’s remaining shares into Copa, which is probably why they have the “Continental” livery style

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 21.28.21
It merged into United Airlines, but until the 2012 completion of the merger, they were under a “Holdings” group

Nice plane

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Continental, Copa, United, all the same thing.

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Continental Airlines Boeing 737-900ER was landing at Fort Lauderdale Int’l Airport, Florida.

Taken date: August 10, 2008.

The credit photo is from Wade DeNero.
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