Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800

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Hello IFC! I’ve always wanted to see a Continental livery in the game Infinite Flight and I think there wouldn’t be a better plane to put it on. The Boeing 737-800 is a great plane, being the most produced airliner in the world, and one of the most reliable! I think we totally need a COA livery! This was inspired by @ORDspotter’s DC10 post 😉

I would love to see Continental come into Infinite Flight! I miss the airline in real life so the next best thing is a Virtual Simulator! :)



Don’t you think that it looks too similar to this?


They’re different! United and Continental merged but the point is it’s Continental, and that’s all that matters!


True true, good point!

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Make sure to vote for your own request! This is a neat livery, I’m just out of votes.

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I think I’ll vote, lemme go try to find one. I was hoping others would show love as well 🙁

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Voted 😃, hope more votes will come!

This is a tough one for me to decide on for me…I never was a big fan of Continental however I love United. I think I am more for the United 737-800 livery. I mean, having a United 737-800 and a Continental 737-800 in Infinite Flight where the only difference in livery is the airline text, they would look nearly identical.

Still, there’s plenty of Continental fans in the community who would like to see at least one COA livery implemented for use. Remember Continental was no small airline an I feel deserves a spot here as a previous airline in this world, just like Northwest!

Yeah it deserves a spot, I just don’t know if it should with this livery.

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I’ll vote Continental. …even though they went out of business in the middle of my round trip flight!

Flew to KMCO for a week’s vacation on Continental but had to fly another airline home. Continental ceased operations the day before my return flight!


Would be nice to see more Continental liveries on aircraft in IF. But I think retro aircraft are the way to go with that.


I’m going to bump this livery request! This livery is truly beautiful! The continental 737-800 aircraft was the back bones of the former airline. I would love to see this in the simulator!

I know right. I miss the time where I don’t have to be worried about getting dragged.

Im going to bump this as i would love to see this Airline on more aircraft not just the DC10. I was thinking about making a feature request for it until i realized it was here. i personally loved continental airlines, im glad united kept the livery but i would love to see the airline have some light on it.