Continental airlines B737-500

I would like to see Continental Airlines in Infinite Flight. I know that UA is in there and they use to CO globe, but how about the Original Continental before the merger? Continental would be a great addition into IF :) It would also be cool to see the CO 737 in IF :)



Hello :)
You can’t simply request an airline to be added in Infinite Flight.

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I saw them, but i want to see the airline in general in the game

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As he said, you can’t request an Airline to be in Infinite Flight

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It’s like requesting many aircrafts when you’re requesting one airline.

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I changed it a bit, so there, a CO 737-700 (or 500).

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Much better like this :)


I think it’s a 737-500…

It’s confusing distinguishing the 700 to the 500.

Yeah, I think it’s the -500. Look at the two windows above the main cockpit window. I believe that’s only on the -500.


Oooooooh. I see now :3

I would love this use on the sky. 😍👍🏼 my faves in US

Never seen winglets on a -500.