Continental Airlines 777-200ER (Peter Max Livery)

I think the Peter Max livery will bring much joy to aiimagerports!


What a colorful livery! I think this would be the only plane people would fly if there was an LGBT Event or something. (No offense. I was being serious.)


Besides rainbows, I don’t see the correlation.
Like that is a very bad basis for that.

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Well, it is the only livery that would be in the game that has this many colors on it.

This would be so cool! I remember seeing this aircraft land at EWR in 2004, stunning! I know the avgeek community is mixed on their opinions of this livery, but seeing it in person sealed the deal for me! I would love to see it in the game!

Probably the most colourful bird I’VE seen apart from the parrot and peacock that is

I remember seeing this plane as a kid at IAH. Such beautiful times! I’d love to see this in IF!

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