Content included in the app?

Neither is Paris.

Infinite Flight simulates how a real flight would be. So yes, if you wanted to fly 11 hours over the Pacific Ocean IRL, you could mimic it in the simulator

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I highly recommend buying a pro subscription if you are able to. You won’t regret it.


Ok, thanks to recommending the pro

The aircraft variety in this sim is amazing. Also the 757 and A330 is getting reworked. I believe.

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I also highly suggest a pro subscription so you have access to multiplayer. However, I recommend starting out with just the one month subscription, to make sure you are satisfied and have time to use the product.

Live multiplayer is by far the most import aspect of the pro subscription (in my opinion)


The regions included in the initial purchase of the app are:

  • South & North California (one region, featuring both Los Angeles and San Francisco airports between which you can fly)
  • Denver (including airports like Aspen Pitkin & Denver International)
  • Chicago (inclduing Chicago O’Hare & more)
  • Oshkosh (including Wittman Regional Airport among other GA airports)
  • South & a bit of North Carolina (including airports like Charlotte Douglas Intl)
  • Amsterdam (including Schipol Airport as well as Brussels in Belgium and Dusseldorf in Germany)
  • Sydney (including Sydney Kingsford & Canberra among many others).

You will need a Pro subscription to fly all over the globe. The time it takes to complete the flight is the same in the simulator and in real-life. Solo mode also has a feature to speed up the time by 5 allowing you to complete flights faster. This feature is not present in Live mode.


Here is a source that shows all the liveries available, pro and non-pro. I’m 95% sure it’s completely up to date.

Edit: Up to date from the v20.2 update.

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Do you have air Canada and royal air Maroc?

Yes we do!

Royal Air Maroc is on the B787-8

And there’s a lot of Air Canada liverys

Dash 8

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Yes, if you go to that page I linked you can filter by the operator (airline, etc.). There’s 12 aircraft that use those two liveries in-app.

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Can you give me the link to see all the planes in this game please

I’ll take some screenshots for you! Standby

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Here you go!


Thanks for helping, I thinks I well pay this game


You won’t regret it!

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Do not forget about the 737-800 Royal Air Maroc

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Do you have a image for this plane please?

Here you have @Fan_of_aviation

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I also recommend showing him how amazing the 738 cockpit is :) @IF-Mallorca

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Thanks guys to help me to know a lot in this game