Contacting Tower

dear fellow ATC controllers and aviators. i just want to point out one thing specifically to atc controllers. sometimes when on final internet my go off and then back after 1 min. announcing missed approach along with a go around is a must. during that time u cant contact tower immediately bcuz of the internet problem its takes time so please if someones replies are delayed that doesnt mean he doesnt want to reply or anything like that its just a connection problem so give him time before ghosting hell sure reply back once its fixed

thank you

What do you want fixed? Not exactly sure what you’re talking about here.

my internet once my connection to server is back thats what i mean

But you’re saying we should fix something? What should we fix?

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That refers to the connection problems, it should be „he (the pilot) will reply (to tower) once the connection problem is fixed/solved/gone“.

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no no thats not what i meant im addressing atc controllers here. im saying once i get my internet back i will reply back to tower. what i want is for atc controllers to take time before ghosting if someone is not replying directly he might have a internet connection problem

If you’re having internet problems you should avoid atc areas. You’re running the risk of getting ghosted. No if’s and’s or buts.

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its not like im always having internet probems. it happened once or twice

If those issues arise and you get ghosted (which can happen if you interfere with traffic (even if involuntary)) and it’s because of a technical issue you can (in my experience) have the ghost removed.


thank you so much finally someone said something useful

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Glad I could help! @Alphadog4646 was trying to help you as well and his recommendation to avoid ATC if you notice that you have ongoing and continuing connection problems during a specific flight is nonetheless right, as appealing a ghost should be a last resort option.


everyone has a right to try n appeal ah ghost but will it be removed is the question…

In those situations, more often that not, the reason ”Unable to communicate (contact moderator)” is used for that very reason.

Whether or not your Internet is to blame, you are in a crowded airspace. We can provide room for NORDO in direct proportion to the amount of room we have to play with. If the airspace is extremely crowded, the time trends toward the lower end of the spectrum.

But the entire reason it says unable to communicate is so that we know going into the appeal that you seemed to have connection issues and it’s typically easily reversed.


On a side note, even though you don’t want to hear it, it’s true. What you’re asking is to be able to fly at will in a crowded airspace without the ability to communicate or a connection that flickers in and out. That simply isn’t going to work, so, at the time of the report, if your inability to communicate is causing issues, then you have to be extricated from the airspace. (The only other option would be to eliminate everyone else and leave you alone in the airspace, but that’s seems less-than-viable as an option.)

Then it’s easily taken care of after the fact.

The initial ask of ATC just letting you barrel around the airspace NORDO when there are 100 other planes, not likely to happen.