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Hi, First post here :)

Just a quick question, when contacting Tower after contacting departure/ arrival I am always warned with check tutorials.

Yesterday I did so and I used report position, got the tutorial message. Just now I tried announce inbound and again I got the message.

What is the correct phrase I need to use in this situation. Any help would be great :)

Hi, welcome to the forum!

After a clearance from approach you need to contact tower saying, inbound on the ILS/Visual. All of this is help fully explained by one of the old IF staff in this tutorial, Using ATC During Your Flight. If you still have questions after this then reply below and we’ll help you out.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply, I did inbound for landing before and got that warning, I’m just really confused. It’s been two different ATC on two different occasions, do you recommend just using inbound on x runway?

Here are two examples that I encountered

If you’ve been cleared for an ILS approach then you need to call inbound on the ILS runway xx. Not just inbound to runway xx.

Hope that clears it up.

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Ah Matt, to be honest that makes so much sense hahaha I do feel silly not doing the ILS landing :)

Thank you for helping and clearing this up


Welcome to this wonderful forum!

Check out this tutorial. You’ll find answers you didn’t even know you could ask 😉

The last table in this tutorial is this one


oh perfect. Thank you for the link. I just have a read of that now. Thanks for all the help. I do forget about all of the information already made available for situations like this.

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