Contacting Tower when no approach frequency

Hey guys, I’ve been using Infinite Flight live since its first days when we only had unicom. Through the years i got more than 1200 hours of flight on Expert server and have encountered a lot of professional IFATC member, but when i approached a few days ago an airfield that had no approach active but only ground and tower I got confused.
Usually, when there’s an approach frequency, the controller will vector you to the runway and clear you for the ILS approach, then you’re sent to the tower and tell them you’re inbound on the ILS and he will generally tell that you’re cleared to land.
But somehow, i do not know what to do when not vectored in by Approach.

Here’s what happened a few days ago as I was approaching an airfield.
I was 15nm out, i contacted Tower but realized that saying “Inbound on the ILS” does not fit because I wasn’t on the ILS yet but I still sent it because I got the message “you’re in an active airspace” but when i said that i was inbound on the ILS the controller told me to “check the forum for ATC instruction”
My question is, when contacting the Tower frequency, what should you announce firstly when being inbound ?
Thanks for your answers


Report inbound

You should only report inbound on the ILS when you have been cleared for an ILS approach. See the table above. So in that case, you should have just announced inbound normally without the ILS part.

However, i’m impressed. The controller told you to check help and that is exactly what you did. You realised you made a mistake, you were willing to find out what you did wrong and then learn from it. You’re doing great, keep it up!


Thanks for the help !

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