Contacting Tower from 200 miles away

Hey all. I got contacted tonight from tower from a user Capt Puppy on the training frequency from 200 miles away and got send an onguard notice. Is this standard and how do I tell the tower that I’m not in range?



Unfortunately u can’t tell tower that yur too far out in IF,regardless nothing happens to u except that the ATC is wasting their time.
Can’t do anything to poor TS1 ATC really.
But if that happens again just ignore it and keep in mind that the ATC is wasting their time


yeah same thing happened to me. im on the ground trying to input my FP when approach kept spamming me an on guard warning.

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one time i was starting my takeoff roll and normal departure sent me an on guard warning and I’m like what

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Hmmm. TS1 does this a lot. I was spammed by tower, despite ground being active, when I was parked at the gate. Nothing you can do I’m afraid :(


norcal departure not normal departure


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