Contacting Server Taking Long

Hey, I think I know what the problem so for my new phone is still asking me to sign in my Gmail when its added in already. But for my old phone it has my Gmail that I don’t have to sign in how to do I do that for my new phone.

Open settings > Google > scroll down to “Play Games” > select the Google Account you want to use > Enable “Sign in to games automatically” and enable “Use this account to sign in”

Its still asking for my email and password.

Is the google account you are trying to log into added as an account on your phone?

One of the big things is VPN, or resetting your network connection. Sometimes android will hang onto some settings. But it sounds like you are having more google issues.

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Yes the account is added onto my phone

And you can open the email app for that account with no problem?

Ya, its so weird because when I go into the google chrome it asks which account I wanna use but on infinite flight it asks me to still sign in.

I got it omg, I had to still sign up for a new gmail account lmao.

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That’s what I thought and that’s what Chris meant above. Anyways, glad to hear that you fixed the problem! Happy landings and enjoy it!