Contacting Server Taking Long

I just got the new Galaxy S9 plus and I signed into my google account and now it’s on the infinite loading screen. What do I do?

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Restart, reinstall, restart your internet contact support if it persists

Ensure you have a stable internet connection, that helps too.

Do you mean the loading screen when trying to spawn at an airport? If yes, then try to spawn at another airport with another plane and see if that works.

No, I just got a new phone and trying to login my account and start playing

Close the app and restart your device.
If that doesn’t work, do what Andrew just said.

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I assume you have a pro subscription after you sign in there should be an active pro subscription just select your plane then airport click ready and if all goes well you should be loaded up into a live server in no time just remember active connection at all times and pro subscription if the loading continues to not ever load into the sim close app re-open and if that does not work a quick re-install should work

If this is not the issue do as starley says

Still doing it :/. Restarted and reinstalled

Make sure you restart your internet as well

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Or do I have to log out my other device? Can that be the problem as well

You can have two devices logged into an account. As long as you do not fly at the same time as the other device with the same account you’re fine. Don’t do this as it’s against the Terms of Service.

Restarted my internet still doing it. Works well on my old phone but not this one

Try all those steps (except the internet as it doesn’t seem to be an internet issue) just one more time please. If you still can’t then maybe wait a while and try again

I think it may be the software isn’t up to date I mean the phone did just come out this sunday

I think it should still be able to run the device is fairly new but just as a pro caution make sure the app and device is up to date with the latest software and possibly report back :)

You have got the Galaxy S9+. It runs Android Oreo, which is the latest version from Samsung.
Laura recently bought the Galaxy S9+ and it runs IF with no problems. Just do what Andrew said above and report back.

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How long does it usally take?

I did have a update. Updated it. Reinstalled the game. Still doing it

Try playing without signing in, does the problem occur?

👀 Now I’m intrigued…

I always wondered what would happen if I tried flying on an online simulator without signing in and without having to go through a verification process. 🙃