Contacting Server since 4 hours.

Thats now 4 hours im waiting for log with my google account and thats tell me “contacting server” , i already have restart my device , uninstall and install the app. ( im on s7 edge)

, i know all server are very busy but after 4 hours… ^^

Try to restart the app. And make sure to give it a good 30-60 second wait for the app to fully refresh

Thats what i do since the morning…

Oh ok then I don’t know lol

No body has an solution ?

Wait for a support moderator to respond. They are busy at the moment and I’m sure they could give you a hand later.

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It seems you may need to wait a brief period and return. Yes, the servers are under a heavy load but you should be able to gain access after a quick reinstall and such.

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