Contacting frequencys

I did a flight from Washington to Atlanta, but when I was on final approach I announced inbound for landing but ATC never replied. So I carried on but just as I was about to touch down they told me to contact ground which was weird because I didn’t touch down yet. When o was eventually on the ground and on the taxi way I requested to taxi to parking but they just kept telling me to contact ground. Plus I couldn’t see any other planes even though on the map it showed loads of other planes at the airport. I checked my internet connection but everything was in the green, including my Wi-Fi. So I tried to contact my controller with the information on is infinite flight username but I couldn’t find him. And my callsign is N1WB

Was this on the training server or expert server?

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It was on the expert server

I had the same problem, and I got ghosted for “Unauthorized take-off”

Could you please provide us with the username. I am sure the controller is here :)

Do you know who your controller was?

The controller was AdamMacaulay

controller was @Brandon_Sandstrom

@Adam_Macaulay, is that you?

@Adam_Macaulay was your controller. Drop him a PM instead. I am sure he will be happy to discuss with you there:)

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Anytime you’d like to inquire about ATC or a report, it’s best to PM the controller who was controlling you.

Well did you take off without explicit permission @Guitje2001?

I did, but no response yet

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Just be patient. The controller might still be on duty. You will receive a reply soon!

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yeah, I have all day

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I was your controller you didn’t contact tower as you still showed on approach. I accidentally on guarded you from ground instead of tower. I figured you were having com issues. You then however taxied off the runway and directly into another aircraft. At which point I had no choice but to ghost you.

After this picture you turned right into the guy on the left of you.


And how about my ghost?

How about it? It will stand as you ran thru another user.


No, there are two people here that were ghosted
I was the “unauthorized t/o” one

I’ll address yours in the PM you sent